The Project

Rampage M is an oldschool style, top-down shooter with some puzzle gameplay added. It which focuses primarily on singleplayer and cooperative multiplayer, the gameplay will be fast paced and requires the player to make tactical decisions during the game.



The story takes place on Mercury in a distant future where space travel within our solar system is as common as airplanes are today. Mercury has been colonized mainly by mining corporations which are mining for its metal and minerals. Most of the buildings are underground, because the temperatures at the surface are extreme. One day, the miners discover an unknown type of metal deep underground and they attempt to drill through it, with no success. Special drilling heads are made on Earth and shipped to Mercury, but just before they arrive they lose contact with the landing site on Mercury.

In the beginning of the game, the player finds that aliens occupied Mercury long before humans did, but the aliens live inside the planet core within a metal hull around their cities to hide their precense from our scanners. Apparently these are the aliens that have been abducting humans for centuries and performed tortuous experiments on humans.


We want an oldschool gameplay and a dark sinister atmosphere. The aliens will have basic AI and the game will not focus on aiming skills to get them killed. There will be puzzles to solve, civillians to rescue and a lot of weapons to shoot with. The game engine will change the locations and amount of aliens depending on the number of players in cooperative multiplayer, so that it still requires effort to play through the game together. We also have special armor, shields and damages in various types which introduces a more strategic puzzle element throughout the game.


The game engine is proprietary software written by Pascal van der Heiden and this is an ongoing process. We currently focus on big wins first and leave all polishing for later. The game runs on Microsoft Windows XP and newer. We already have a good base engine to work with, but the special effects (particles) and sounds are yet to be made. The video on the left shows one of our editing tools and the physics in game for which we currently use the Bullet Physics implementation.

The Team

We are an experienced team with a professional history in game development. When you join our team, you are working with dedicated people that don't give up easily or abandon the project.

Pascal van der Heiden

Pascal is the programmer and project manager of the team. With his work on Overlord and Overlord 2 at Triumph Studios, Pascal has several years of professional background in game development. He has also started and finished several successful projects such as Doom Builder and Bloodmasters.

Allert van der Leij

Allert is the lead artist at Triumph Studios (as well as in our team) and also has a background in game development with Overlord and Overlord 2. Allert has also worked on The Silver Lining (an unofficial King's Quest sequel) for about 8 years.

Rex Claussen

Level designer

Tom Clercx


Baldi Konijn

Character concepts

José Mora-Jiménez


Thomas Boone

Environment artist

Alexander Wttewaall

Sound effects design

Bart van der Kruys

Level designer

Melissa Brouwer

Environment concepts

Emiel de Paepe

3D artist

Special thanks to Duc Nguyen, Antoine Dearges, Yoeri Vleer and Paul van der Laan for their contributions.

Updated: May 11th, 2014